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“Heritage 101”: Annie are injure that Jeff stored the point that he can be graduating early something from your study team.

“Heritage 101”: Annie are injure that Jeff stored the point that he can be graduating early something from your study team.

“Paranormal Parentage”: Jeff and Annie organize a frames outfit with Jeff as a boxer and Annie meant to be a band woman.

“Conventions of Space and energy”: Annie pretends is Mrs. Winger and loves the incentives of his own hotel room.

“alternate reputation of the German Invasion”: Annie convinces Jeff enabling The Germans to remain in the analysis place resulting in what exactly the man expected – that they would take it more.

“Economics of Marine life”: Annie uses this model “Disney look” to get Jeff taking Pierce off-campus so Archie DeCoste may be wooed into enrolling at Greendale.

“Intro to Knots”: Annie redecorates Jeff’s residence after inviting teacher Cornwallis on the research party’s seasonal social gathering Jeff was throwing truth be told there. Into the event ending tag, The Darkest Timeline is revealed and wicked Jeff opens Evil Annie from Greendale institution for any criminally ridiculous.

“expert summary of Finality”: Jeff daydreams a scenario the spot that the Darkest schedule alternatives to on his own and Annie cross-over into the major Timeline and strive to corrupt your.

Season Five

–The “buttocks split Bandit” posting comments on a Jeff and Annie’s factors, “practical Intergluteal Numismatics”.

Jeff and Annie, and also the research people (sans Pierce), reunite for an unanticipated fifth season at Greendale. Jeff recognized a teaching rankings in school and Annie enlisted for a qualification in Criminology. She signed up with Jeff’s rules class to make certain he took his own career significantly. Each form teams to capture the mysterious attacker referred to as the “backside break Bandit” so when Abed website hosts a campus wide sport of “Beautiful Lava”. Whenever the committee has a-game of Dungeons & Dragons they result in equal gathering as recognition. On Jeff’s fortieth special birthday, the man in excess of medicates, moves into a coma and imagines himself having Annie along with their relatives as characters in a G.I. Joe animation. As soon as the Greendale class table markets the college with the metro business, a depressed Jeff rashly brings himself interested to Britta. Although considerably disturb through this, Annie enables him or her know that she’s going to accept and help their choice. If the two get in on the heard of panel on a quest saving the institution, all of them get captured in an underground hidden pc laboratory. Jeff is definitely informed a robust “burst of warmth” into an emotion handling computers labeled as “Raquel” may cause the lab doors to look at. Jeff voluntarily draw himself around your machine and fulfils the necessity after considering Annie. The bunch escapes and Jeff stops Greendale’s purchase with a legitimate loophole he found out within the laboratory. Because of the problem settled Jeff and Britta mutually call-off the marriage. Afterwards the man and Annie go to a Save Greendale Committee exactly where they commemorate keeping the institution.

“Repilot”: Jeff suddenly reunites with Annie plus the study crowd.

“summary of Teaching”: Annie enrols in Jeff’s rules class to be certain they are using their work as an instructor severely.

“important Intergluteal Numismatics”: Jeff and Annie establish unique researching to the college menace known as the “backside split Bandit”.

“Geothermal Escapism”: Jeff and Annie make an alliance when Abed features an university large video game of “Hot Lava”.

“G.I. Jeff”: In Jeff’s coma dream, Annie’s dynamics restricted vessel attempts to get Jeff to awaken.

“Basic Sandwich”: Annie say Jeff she’s going to supporting whatever decision he or she helps make about marrying Britta. As soon as the bunch will get captured inside Russell Borchert’s research, Jeff utilizes their attitude for Annie as a catalyst to power upwards an emotion fueled technology so that you can cost-free them.

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